About Us

Sagar Developers is a premier construction firm with a name for architectural excellence, sensitivity to neighborhoods, vision for "creating community", and reputation for carefully managing our projects. Established in 2012 by Sagar Ghatole, with a motto of serving the customers with state of the art abodes which supreme with regards to both quality and affordibilty.Over a short span of time, the firm gradually broadened its scope to include new apartment construction, large-scale rehabilitation, and major office development. Sagar Developers’ success over the past 6 years can be attributed to following a simple business philosophy i.e careful selection of projects, rigorous planning and intensive management. Continuing the tradition of excellence with which it was originally founded, this company still upholds the same attentive hands-on style of business that assures efficiency, controls cost, and maintains quality. The flexibility of our services doesn’t just end with bricks and mortar. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients enjoy a smooth transition into the upmarket lifestyle. We specialize in the central India region. Whether you are looking to house yourself, or a pristine office space, we offer tailor-made solutions. No matter the size of your real estate portfolio, we can service your needs with the upmost integrity.


To achieve Sustainability using natural sources as cleverly as possible to offer buildings that are not only attractive, but also affordable, efficient, healthy and safe. 



To make the dream of a abode, a reality for everyone.