SAGAR DEVELOPERS offers and turnkey construction of heavy and light industries using the latest construction technology, with a focus on quality, safety and speed. The spectrum covers…

  • Heavy & Light Factories (HLF) – Automobile & Ancillary Factories, HT Cable Plant, LT Cable Plant, Optical Fiber Plant, Coaxial Cable Plant, Warehouses & Logistics Parks, Workshop Complexes, Solar Thin Film Manufacturing Units, etc.

Our construction expertise includes:

  • Complicated industrial structures using long-span prefabricated roofing structures in steel and concrete, and large span column free factory and workshop structures.
  • Folded plate girders to cover very large spans and innovative designs to provide natural ventilation and lighting.
  • Massive industrial parks using prefabricated modular construction techniques.
  • Long-span storage silos and warehouses.
  • Precast conveyors, pipe racks.